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  1. Does Seaside pay me a referral fee for rental listing leads?
    • Yes, and it’s the biggest in the business. In fact if you factor in all the costs of showing a property 10, 20, 30 times to get is lease along with your other expenses you’ll find you make more money having us handling your rentals than trying to do it yourself. Call now for details!


  1. What does Seaside do for my customers that I cannot?
    • Monthly Management
    • Improved Marketing
    • Advanced Tenant Screening
    • Deposit Choice
    • Regular Scheduled Inspections
    • Maintenance
    • Collections
    • Evictions
    • Improved Fair Housing Compliance


  1. What if my owner decides to sell the property?
    • This is YOUR customer. We just work with them for the time they want to rent the property. When they are ready to sell, you’re the first to know about it so you can get it sold.


  1. Seaside is doing a great job and the owner now wants to invest in more property?
    • Great! If the owner indicates they want to invest in more properties you’ll be the first to know about it so you can sell them more investment properties.


  1. What happens when there are emergency repairs needed to the property?
    • Our emergency hotline is available to tenants 24/7/365 so you or your owner needn’t be disturbed while at work, on vacation or spending precious time with your family or friends.


  1. What are some of the differences between Seaside and other property management companies?
    • Improved Resident Screening – most management companies just want to get the tenant approved and collect a commission. We use the most thorough screening systems available to help ensure our owners don’t get hurt financially.
    • Rental/Employment Verification – we call and verify all applicants previous landlords and current employers.
    • Deposit Choice – This unique alternative to traditional security deposit gives the owners’ greater financial security, higher rental rates, and reduces vacancy time. Call us to learn more about this unique and exciting program exclusively available from Seaside Paradise Rentals.
    • Regular Scheduled Inspections – Most management companies inspect the property when a tenant moves in and when they move out. Seaside uses regular scheduled inspections and maintenance to help prevent potential problems for owners from unauthorized residents, unauthorized pets and other potential hazards.
    • Evictions – Unfortunately having to evict a tenant from time to time is a reality of being a landlord. Most management companies will simply refer their owners to an expensive attorney; at Seaside, we handle the eviction process for the owner both saving them time and money.
    • Collections – Most owners simply lose out on lost rents or damages that were in excess of the security deposit, because they don’t want to hire an attorney and spend more money trying to chase after someone with little hope of recovery. Seaside has partnered with the leading Residential Lease Collection Company in the country to recover funds that is due the owner. Wouldn’t you rather see your owners get all they deserve? Call us now!










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Seaside Paradise Rentals
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